Data Warehouse

Today’s contact center environment is very complex, with multiple applications and systems supporting global operations, so the need to maintain a single, accurate view of the business is more critical than ever.

Behind the masses of data we gather daily on behalf of our clients lies our sophisticated Data Warehouse (DWH), which uses the latest database technologies to bring in and manipulate consistent, validated data from multiple sources. These include CRM systems (MS Dynamics, SAP, and Siebel), Phone ACD Switches (Avaya CMS and Cisco IPCC), Customer Satisfaction Surveys (IVR After Call and Email CSAT Surveys), Quality Assurance Evaluations, Social Media Portals and Workforce Management (eWFM). The warehouse sits independently from each system it supports, reducing the degradation of each source.

Across our global operations, the DWH provides us with consistent, accurate, and actionable data for our clients, which can be sliced, diced, and distributed quickly and effectively.

For us, the actual value our clients gain from this system is the sheer number of metrics we can analyze and report on. These include operational service levels (for example, Average Handle Time), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), and QA evaluation scores, all captured down to agent level. Once access is granted to agents, team leaders, and management, the data can be used to assess performance individually and be fed back into training for long-term development.

The Value of Reporting

At Percepta, we understand that the data and reporting needs of a client will change over time, so we have built our data warehouse to evolve with the client, adding new data and source systems to expand their reporting capabilities.

The use of multi-dimensional data means that reports are no longer static, flat, canned variants but are rich, dynamic, and interactive. Users can effectively ‘spin the cube’ in various ways (slice, dice, drill through) and reveal otherwise hidden data patterns.

Users can also analyze data across time frames, locations, dealers, customers, agents, products, contact reasons, concern codes, and any combination of these.

“The Data Warehouse has enhanced visibility of the right metrics for my team so they can drive performance more effectively.

Percepta Operations Team, Australia

We firmly believe that anything the agent captures on the screen should be reportable, and we strive to achieve this through our DWH technology. We also make sure that having all of this power at your fingertips is as undaunting and straightforward as it can be.

But our warehouse is not just for performance reporting. We have had experience using the system for data quality services, identifying issues with data held in source systems (duplicate records, inaccurate/invalid data), and helping clients with data migration projects.

Our Competitive Advantage

Within the data warehouse, our Percepta-designed analytics application is a real value-add to our client’s business. It links CRM cases recorded by the agents to call metrics, CSAT surveys, and QA results to help solve complicated operational issues. For example, after searching by CSAT survey results and selecting the team and agents, a team leader can view the QA voice and screen recording by simply clicking on the recording link in the analytics tool.

In addition to reviewing the QA recording, all the other data associated with the recording is available, including a link to review the case, the detailed call metrics, as well as details of the agent that handled the call and the team leader they report to.

The ability to drill down to this level of detail dramatically influences our ability to coach and refine our performance in each operation.

The tool significantly improves each team leader’s productivity in reviewing agent interactions and providing immediate feedback to agents. This immediate feedback can then be used for on-the-spot training and the long-term development of each individual in the center.