In Vehicle Technology

As part of our focus on resolving customer concerns, we offer a specialist solution designed to resolve any of our client’s customers’ concerns with In-Vehicle Technology (IVT). This could be anything from helping to pair a mobile device to the vehicle or configuring settings to allow the driver to take full advantage of our client’s IVT system.

Managing In-Vehicle Technology Concerns in the USA To deliver effective concern resolution to our automotive client’s customers in the USA, we developed a dedicated team to provide IVT support across several channels, including telephone, live chat, and social media. We adopted a combination of onsite and agent at-home support to ensure our experts were on hand for extended hours across the day and evening.

What sets this team apart is their technical expertise and understanding of our client’s technology. They are seen as true subject matter experts, not only by the customers they engage with but also by the brand. The support team prides itself on being problem solvers and works together with our client’s engineering teams to identify challenges with the technology.

As with all elements of concern resolution, we focus on ensuring each customer is satisfied with the outcome of their concern. To drive satisfaction and ensure the technical expertise is of a high standard, our quality assurance system measures the knowledge and helpfulness of the agent.

When measured on knowledge and helpfulness, our team scores on average 91%

These are critical measures for the client and ensure we deliver a truly expert service to their customers.