Technical Hotline

Percepta’s Technical Hotline (THL) solution delivers an expert service directly to our client’s dealers, providing diagnostic information when faced with complex vehicle repairs. Our teams act as a link between our clients’ engineering department and their front-line dealership network, combining technical support and warranty prior approval to deliver an effective hotline service. Underpinning the solution is a clear set of guiding principles. Firstly, in line with all Percepta services, customer (and dealer) satisfaction are at the heart of everything we do. With this in mind, our THL solution focuses on helping dealers to “Fix it Right First Time” – empowering them to limit repeat vehicle repairs and cut down on frustrated customers. To deliver a truly joined-up service to dealers, our THL solution is aligned with our Customer Relationship Centers (CRCs) network and our case management philosophy. A “hub and spoke” approach, with the CRC at the center, ensure that all technical support requests are picked up quickly by either the THL or the CRC and are managed effectively to resolution. Finally, our THL teams across the globe collaborate and work together to share best practices, allowing our regional teams to demonstrate both local and global expertise. A Technical Hotline Solution for Asia Pacific Developed for our automotive client in Asia Pacific, we launched our THL solution to provide support to dealers in both Australia and Thailand. An online Hotline Assistance Request (HAR) tool allows each dealer to contact the team for help, which they access through their standard dealer portal. Upon receiving a dealer request, the team researches the repair in full then sends the necessary information or guidance back to the dealer as quickly as possible via the online tool. To do so, they utilize the expertise of our client’s engineering teams and our own dedicated Subject Matter Expert (SME), who offers additional assistance when repairs are complex. Requests on the system are picked up as and when a team member becomes available so that the dealer can return to another repair while they wait for a response.