Multi-Channel Concern Resolution

Delivering a frictionless customer experience is at the heart of everything we do at Percepta. Across each solution we deliver, we endeavor to focus on driving customer satisfaction and exceeding client expectations.

We have a philosophy – Brilliant Basics, Magic Touches – which ensures we get the fundamental basics of delivering a customer operation right while going the extra mile to wow and dazzle our Clients’ customers. Our Centers of Excellence – Customer Relationship Centers (CRCs) – are dedicated to managing customer inquiries and concerns across multiple channels, in multiple languages, until a resolution has been achieved.

Brilliant Basic, Magic Touches – our CRC Case Management Philosophy

Today we deliver multiple CRCs across the globe for our automotive clients, varying in size from small dedicated teams to large 600+ seat centers (over a month, our centers can handle more than 50,000 calls).

In each center, our focus is on people, ensuring the satisfaction of our client’s customers and empowering our people to deliver excellence day in, day out.

Regardless of the channel that customers use to reach us, from telephone and email to social channels and live chat, our approach to managing concerns is always the same. Our teams of dedicated customer experts own each case, from the moment the customer contacts us through to the resolution of the situation. And cases are not closed until a resolution has been achieved!

We empower our teams to make this their goal, which at times may mean asking the customer to switch their channel of choice (for example, from a Twitter conversation to a telephone call) to achieve a quicker resolution. We only do this when it benefits the customer!

This empowerment means that our people feel they can truly make a difference to each customer experience. Throughout the concern resolution process, we keep the customer up to date on the progress of their case, ensuring they don’t have to call the center multiple times. For us, this makes case handling more akin to “project management” of each customer, as opposed to simply “taking a call.” The best possible outcome is a happy customer who receives a frictionless experience from the brand.

“…my customer called the center with a speedometer issue in their car. We got the customer booked back into her local dealer and ensured they carried out further testing to find the fault and resolve the customer’s concern. The customer then emailed us back to thank us for our help!”

UK Case Manager, Percepta

To truly understand the impact of each center, we feel that a combination of Voice of Process (VoP) and Voice of Customer (VoC) metrics should be used.

VoP metrics are globally recognized contact center measures, from Average Handle Time (AHT) to

Aged Case Analysis, which we use to highlight the overall operational performance of each CRC.

For example, Aged Case Analysis, which highlights cases unresolved or “open” over a certain time, can help us identify possible roadblocks in our ability to resolve concerns. Yet while VoP metrics help us to measure and track day-to-day operations, the inclusion of VoC metrics provides a much fuller picture of our client’s business.

Across each of our centers, our VoC metrics focus on Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and ensure each concern and customer case is resolved across each of our centers. This information helps us understand the impact we have on the customers we serve and deliver a truly frictionless customer experience.

Across the globe, we have consistently exceeded clients’ targets for customer satisfaction.

We believe our case management philosophy and our value on key customer metrics are unique.

Because of our Brilliant Basics, Magic Touches philosophies, our clients see us as an invaluable part of their business.

16year partnership with our global automotive client.