Live Chat

Providing online customers with a “help button” when they are browsing a brand’s website could be the difference between losing a prospect and starting a long term relationship with a valued customer. Percepta’s Live Chat programs, which we deliver today across multiple markets, are designed to both proactively and reactively engage with customers quickly and effectively.

Delivering a Proactive Live Chat Solution

When tasked with strengthening the relationship between our Automotive Client and their customers in Australia, we launched a proactive Live Chat solution that would essentially mirror the physical dealership experience. This “online showroom” would allow the digital team, in conjunction with delivering Social Media Search and Rescue, to pinpoint a customer’s position on the site and reach out to offer advice or assistance.

The information gathered is truly valuable. At any given point in time, the tool highlights:

The number of people visiting the website and the pages they visit – including model pages and specifically highlights which models they have been focusing on.

The duration of their visit and the number of times they have been on the site – both equally important in highlighting customers who may be struggling to find what they are looking for, or are visiting the same model pages again and again.

If the customer has clicked through to the website via a link or QR code within a campaign.

Armed with this information the team can, for example, reach out to customers who have been browsing a particular page for more than 10 minutes – perhaps they’re interested in one particular model but can’t find the information they are looking for – and start a conversation. And for a customer on their fourth or fifth visit to the site, this conversation might mean the difference between purchasing a car and moving to a competitor.

Our team also measures the success of the opening phrases they use, which can not only increase the number of customers accepting a chat invitation, but when fed back in to the business, can ensure initial training techniques are more effective.

On average the team holds around 900 chats per month, each one focused on enhancing customer satisfaction

This proactive solution ensures we not only drive the engagement and presence of our Client’s brand online, but can actively help customers at a very crucial stage of their journey with the brand.