A person holds a smartphone in their hands, which displays 5 glowing stars and the Percepta logo. The text beside the phone says "Great experiences start with"

Percepta is people-first. Always.

When our business success depends upon providing the best customer experience possible to human beings, our focus as an employer must be to provide an exceptional experience to the people we employ.

Our mission

to elevate the customer experience for our clients across the globe through frictionless connections and genuine interactions and at every touchpoint.

“Elevating the customer experience is the call to action behind everything we do.”

~ Karen Gurganious, President

Our vision is

to prove that our people-first approach to customer and employee experience will always ensure success, now and far into the future.

Our values are

Culture of Service

Our CULTURE OF SERVICE goes beyond the ordinary. We are dedicated to serving our customers, colleagues, and communities with passion and excellence.


At Percepta, TEAMWORK is not just a word; it’s the foundation of our success. We collaborate seamlessly, leveraging diverse talents to achieve common goals.


Being PROACTIVE is embedded in our DNA. We anticipate challenges, seize opportunities, and take the initiative to drive positive change.


RESPECT is at the heart of our interactions. We honor the uniqueness of each individual and value diverse perspectives, fostering an inclusive environment.

Our origin story.

It was the year 2000 and leaders at Ford Motor Company and TTEC saw an opportunity to make improvements to the customer contact center and customer service space for automotive clients. With the combined forces of these two global juggernauts in the automative and customer support industries, respectively, Percepta was born.

Today, Percepta operates globally with over 4,500 employees and 20+ years of customer experience excellence. We serve the world’s most recognized automotive brands, and we continue to grow our book of business to more organizations who seek to provide their customers with boutique attention and expertise at a global scale in the automotive and adjacent markets.

While our origin as a company came from two uniquely strong businesses, our story continues to evolve as we make our own name as a leading CX solution for clients around the world.