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Our passion for serving our clients’ customers extends across each customer’s entire journey with the brand. Percepta’s Concierge and Inquiries Management services specifically help those at the beginning of this journey when prospective customers seek advice or a helping hand before making that all-important purchase.

Developing a Customer Concierge Solution

For our Premium automotive Client in the USA, we developed a concierge solution on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to support customers browsing the brand website. Our multi-skilled team speaks directly to customers (if they choose to call the Concierge number) or offers advice and guidance through a Live Chat option. And their only task? To help in any way they can.

To deliver a premium service, as expected by our Premium Brand Client, the Concierge agents focus on the quality of each call or chat and not on the duration of each.

The team host only one chat each at any one time

When a prospective customer is interested in a new vehicle, the Concierge agent will schedule a test drive at the customer’s local dealer and subsequently follows up to see if the test drive went to plan. Similarly, when advice is needed to resolve a concern, our Concierge agents become a single point of contact to achieve a resolution.

Throughout all communication with customers, the team is sure to adopt a gentle, encouraging approach, with no “hard sell.” When customers of a competing brand engage with our team, we have the confidence and knowledge to compare both brands with the customer.

Our concierge agents are true brand advocates, passionate about our client’s products, and equally eager to spread that passion to prospective customers. This stems from our ability to recruit from outside the automotive industry, focusing on bringing in employees with a premium brand, retail, or hospitality experience.

For our clients, the ongoing success of the concierge team is twofold. On average, the team contributes around $2m of sales each month.

“We had a gentleman call from Hawaii whose dad is a current customer living here in the States. His Dad was getting on in age and having some concerns with his vehicle. So, we reached out to the Dad and the Dealer and offered assistance in resolving things. After that was completed, we sent a note signed by about 20 of our Concierge team members. His Dad told his son in Hawaii how great everything went! The son promises when he moves back to the States, he is buying one of our vehicles!”

Around 600 Concierge sales inquiries a month amount to over $2m of sales

However, their value extends far beyond the financial gain. The work carried out by the concierge team, going above and beyond, allows them to develop and sustain truly long-term relationships with customers.