By: Cydni Thebert, Global Manager, Talent Acquisition | 01/10/2021 |

Culture of Service – how does that work with Talent Acquisition?  Simply put, if we’re doing things right, Culture of Service is a “no brainer”.  Talent Acquisition shouldn’t have to work at developing a culture of service model, it should be in everything that we do.

In-house Talent Acquisition sits in a unique situation. We support our internal clients, which are our Hiring Managers and, we support our external clients – our candidates. The break down of each is below:

Internal Culture of Service:  We are, or should be, proactively communicating with our internal clients.  That means, consulting on job descriptions, candidate profiles, skills, compensation, etc.  If we are to be seen as subject matter experts, we have a responsibility of knowing the market and trends and relaying those on a consistent basis to our hiring managers.

We should also be over-communicating as needed regarding where we stand with candidates.  I always suggest a weekly, high-level update with four or five bullet points on where you are in your recruiting process.  Having weekly or bi-weekly touchpoints also are a level of Culture of Service.  All of these suggestions should come from Talent Acquisition, if a hiring manager is requesting any of these then we are not being a true partner and that’s what Culture of Service really is.  It’s going above and beyond, being pre-emptive or proactive and anticipating the needs of your hiring manager.

We have also developed the following to help our hiring managers navigate the interview process:

  • Candidate Profiles
  • Structured Behavioral Interview Guides as well as Scoring Matrix
  • Structured intake calls

External Culture of Service:  As a Talent Acquisition Specialist/Recruiter, how many times have you looked at a resume of a very strong candidate and notice a spelling or grammatical error or something off with formatting (.pdfs don’t always convert properly).  Does that stop you from pursuing someone that meets all of the requirements for the role OR, do you let the candidate know what you’ve found and give them the opportunity to correct and resend the resume?  THAT is external culture of service from a TA standpoint.  We should not just be seen as internal consultants but, more importantly, we should be an even bigger consultant to our external customer.

Some of the things that our Percepta Talent Acquisition team have put in place to help our candidates successfully move through our processes are:

These are just a few of the things we do in Talent Acquisition to exemplify Culture of Service with Percepta.