By: Kris Stivers, Marketing Manager – Talent Acquisition | 1/20/2021 |

We’ve recently been made aware of several job scams with individuals posing as representatives of Percepta, so we thought we’d share some useful tips from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on avoiding job scams. Additionally, we’d like to give you an idea of what you can expect from the Percepta Talent Acquisition team – and what we will NEVER do as part of job process.

Here are four tips from the FTC on avoiding potentials job scams:

1. Do an online search. Look up the name of the company or the person who’s hiring you, plus the words “scam,” “review,” or “complaint.” You might find out they’ve scammed other people.

2. Talk to someone you trust. Describe the offer to them. What do they think? This also helps give you vital time to think about the offer.

3. Don’t pay for the promise of a job. Legitimate employers, including the federal government, will never ask you to pay to get a job. Anyone who does is a scammer.

4. Avoid fake job ads. Some scammers pay to have their ads or scam websites appear at the top of your searches. Other scammers pretend to be affiliated with well-known companies or even the government. Always be sure to research a potential employer.

Here’s how you can know for sure that you’re being contacted by a real representative of Percepta.

You’ll know it’s a Percepta Talent Acquisition Specialist when:

  • You receive an email from a email address
  • You’re interviewed before you are sent an offer letter
  • You’ll find the actual job posting on our website at or – Taleo is our applicant tracking system (ATS).

A Percepta Talent Acquisition Specialist will never:

  • Ask you to transfer or wire money
  • Ask you to pay for recruitment-related expenses
  • Ask you to interview in Google Hangouts or other online public domains
  • Send you an email from any address that doesn’t have in the domain name
  • Send an unsolicited job offer – asking you for your driver’s license, social security number or bank account information
  • Ask you to order equipment from us
  • Please note: for certain work-from-home or remote jobs you may be required to have your own computer equipment for use in your job.  This is common for these types of jobs.  We never require you to purchase anything from Percepta.

We hope this information helps to protect you from potential scammers during your job search.

If you feel you’ve been deceived by someone using the Percepta name, please let us know.  You can email us directly at and we will review the situation. You can also go to our Contact page on and submit the form online.  Remember, we value everyone who would like to work with us at Percepta. Please help us by sharing this information with your fellow jobseekers!

For additional resources on job scams, check out this useful article from the FTC. If you find yourself in need of filing a complaint, you can also submit a formal job scam complaint to the FTC directly.