By Christa Peters, Senior Manager, Instructional Design & Knowledge Management | 06/09/2021 |

Wandering through my neighborhood, with Henry the dog in tow, I gathered my thoughts on the topic of the Percepta Difference. I thought back over the seven months I have been working here what have I seen or experienced that has made this organization a different place to work.

When people think of organizations that are nimble and innovative, they often think of start-ups. They think of Silicon Valley, companies with pool tables and cereal bars. However, most new companies are simply working to develop their product, build structures, and gain customers. Most have neither the time nor the resources for innovation or nimbleness – outside of building their “software” product.

Percepta has hit a bit of a sweet spot. Large enough to have structure, resources, and attract top talent, but small enough to be innovative, nimble, and have a vision for the future. Earlier this year, I was fortunate to attend the Leadership Symposium here at Percepta. There were three large themes or even challenges that came out of the event: How will we (Percepta) be Brilliant at the Basics, Prepare for Scale, and Drive with Data to ensure our company can grow in an effective manner over time?

My team chomped onto these themes/challenges like Henry does to a dog cookie.

In the coming weeks and months, the Global Support Services area, which houses Instructional Design, Training, Knowledgebase and Quality Assurance, is launching programs and plans to address these themes.

These plans are innovative and creative. They are led by both leadership and team members. They will provide structure and data to allow for exponential growth. Finally, they will ensure an exceptional training experience for all new hires at Percepta. We are excited! I hope you are too.