By: Jennie Fowler, Global Director, Project Management Office | 06/11/2021 |

I recently joined Percepta in mid-January 2021 – and – I can honestly say being almost 4 months in – I LOVE MY JOB! It’s hard to take on a new role and essentially start over in many ways as a leader.  However, the support and teamwork that I’ve had since joining – are top-notch!

Here are some of the differences that allow me to say “I love my job”:

  • In January, our Human Resources group helped me to feel very welcome with a week course in getting to know Percepta. Also, my boss and I set up a 180-day plan with milestones for measurable success.
  • My second week, I attended a week of Leadership expectations. As a seasoned leader, this was very helpful for me to ensure I’m on the same page quickly with Percepta’s values and leadership culture.
  • During my first 90 days, I was able to assess the organization, my department and our overall change management by meeting with all my staff, my peers and our clients to understand their perception of my department and hear suggestions for improvement. Everyone was professional, positive and supportive.
  • Around the 100-day mark, I presented a roadmap for the year to our Executive Leadership team and was greeted with utmost support and excitement to mature the Global Project Management Office for a strong – scalable future.
  • I very much appreciate that Percepta’s President is goal-oriented and is consistent in displaying the company’s goal(s) and is OPEN to suggestions from all levels on creative ways for success.
  • Even though fully remote, we are finding creative ways to connect (via zoom, watercooler only meetings, fun packages with surprises being shipped to my home, receiving flowers, virtual games etc…). This is oh-so-helpful as a newer person to Percepta as I’m starting to feel part of the ‘family’.
  • I’m seeing a TRUE vested interest from Percepta in employee engagement through our regular engagement surveys, weekly leadership huddles and action plans to continually strive for improvement.
  • Employee wellness and mental health are not just slogan words. I see this being promoted, practiced and life-work balance encouraged.
  • For me – I really like complex, challenging work that empowers me to give back and grow in parallel. This environment is a great fit for both.  Additionally, the culture here encourages and embraces me making time to do things OUTSIDE of work that I enjoy.
  • And, much more that support our values of Respect, Teamwork, Proactive & Culture of Service.


So, the Percepta difference for me… bottom line – is the PEOPLE!  I work with a great group of people that I’m happy to call my work family!