By: Kellen Crow, Global Brand and Communications Manager | 06/01/2021 |

When I think about corporate communications, there’s a lot that comes to my mind; it’s what I do every day. That being said, I’ve found that being a communications person has meshed into who I am as a person both inside and outside of work – it’s in my blood and engrained in my everyday life. I’m a creative person and I am passionate about it. Connecting with people is my superpower. I love to tell a story. I love to find a new story. I love to be challenged. I pride myself on being a ‘why-notter’ instead of a ‘yes-butter’; it’s a state of mind – saying, “why not?”, instead of making excuses or saying, “Yes, but . . .”

Communication planning and strategy is ever-evolving, and 2021 is absolutely making communications folks change and evolve as we navigate what the day-to-day working situation will be today, tomorrow, and beyond.

For us at Percepta, we’re always looking forward to what’s next on the horizon. Our President, Karen, says it best, “Everything is written in pencil.” I connect with this philosophy 100% – we have to be agile, nimble, and adaptable. In corporate communications, we can plan and plan, but when it comes to “the day,” sometimes things change. To be successful in communications, I believe it’s important to be strategic and rigid, but be flexible when necessary, as well.

While the future state of corporate America returning to “business as usual” is uncertain, I am certain there will always be a need for communications – maybe even more so, now that we’re not altogether. The future in corporate communications is bright!