By: Kellen Crow, Global Brand and Communications Manager | 04/07/2021 |

Recognition comes in many different forms. As a communications professional, I am often on the team that handles the recognition for the company that I am working for. This means that I am usually behind the scenes to help plan and coordinate any recognition-related efforts for the entire company. While I am certainly not the only one doing this for Percepta, you can bet I am on the team doing the planning! At Percepta, Impact is measured quarterly in our Speak Up! Surveys and it’s defined as:
As an employee, I receive regular recognition for my achievements.

For me, recognition comes from implementing my ideas and seeing them rolled out to the company. Now, that’s not to say that I don’t receive other forms of recognition from my boss or colleagues – I certainly do – but a big part of recognition for me is seeing the culmination of my idea become a common practice in the company. On a professional level, it is so rewarding to see your idea being used during meetings or on websites, social media, and the like. Joining a meeting and seeing your template, graphic, or video being used – to me, that’s recognition at its finest.

Remember, when you have the opportunity to GIVE recognition, don’t forget to do it. It goes a long way, means a lot, and could honestly make someone’s whole day or week. Even if you don’t have someone working directly for you, there are still plenty of opportunities to give recognition to colleagues – just do it! You’d be surprised how good it feels for both of you, and it goes a long way. Give it a try!