By Kris Stivers, Talent Acquisition Marketing | 03/08/2021 |

At Percepta, we believe in delivering a frictionless customer experience across every touchpoint, and this is also true of the job seeker experience. The job application is one of the most important interactions a job seeker has with our brand, so we realized we needed to take steps to ensure the process was consistently a good one.

We knew it could affect how our brand would be perceived if the application process was complicated, so we started looking at ways to streamline

it. To get a better understanding of how job seekers experienced applying for a job at Percepta, we went as far as putting the team through the application process to experience it first hand and report back. One of the first things that stood out was the experience on mobile devices.

A recent article from SmartRecruiters found that job searches from mobile devices exceeded 1 billion per month. Nearly 90 percent of job seekers were utilizing a mobile device when looking for a new opportunity.

It became a priority for us to ensure that our career site and job application were optimized for mobile. To accomplish this, we redesigned our career site, using a new template that incorporated responsive design, ensuring a consistent experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile.

The result was a solution that made it easier for job seekers to complete our application on the go and reduced application abandonment, leading to a higher conversion rate for mobile applicants – a win for both job seekers and our talent acquisition team! 

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