By: Nealey Whisler, Global Director of Talent Management & Engagement | 10/13/2020 |

Like many companies at the beginning of this pandemic, we had to move quickly. Here’s a glimpse at our success story.

Stage 1 – leader readiness
We focused on training our management team to engage and manage remote employees/teams. In just a few short weeks, more than 300 leaders received training on topics including virtual communication, how to organize your day and the resources and tools to enable success i.e. Zoom, Teams, SharePoint.



Stage 2 – stay #connected
Our Operations, Human Capital, and Support functions partnered to keep troops connected. We encourage teams and local leaders to prioritize team meetings and 1:1’s, daily recognition, and virtual team building activities like coffee breaks, Instagram collages, etc.

Stage 3 – accelerate technology
Our new normal will look very different and we’re planning for it now. Offices will become training and connection centers, working from home will be the new norm. We’re implementing various technologies now to support our future – #Trainual #Awardco are just a few.