By: Nealey Whisler, Global Director of Talent Management & Engagement | 11/20/2020 |

When most people think of me, it’s doubtful automotive comes to mind. Don’t be fooled, this girl is all about our automotive clients and creating brand advocates. As a leader in outsourcing for nearly 10 years, one of my VERY favorite things is making sure our employees feel connected to the brands we work with. Whether it’s new hire swag, designing a workspace, or curating an experience…the more creative the better.

At Percepta, we’re always talking about how to drive engagement, enthusiasm and interest around the partners we work with. One thing we recommend our employees do (and something I for sure do) is follow them on social media. Whether our clients are talking about new products, supplying PPE during this pandemic, or showcasing a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion moment, we should want to know. I want to know who we’re working with and feel proud to be a partner every day. Also…I’ve been known to sob a bit when I see an emotive commercial. We encourage our employees to take an active role in getting to know who we work with.

We love people stories at Percepta, learning about our employee’s connection to our clients is so cool. We like to do an exercise in Leadership Training where we ask participants to tell their “fill in the blank” client story. We all have one, maybe a family vehicle, a first car, a dream car, etc. When I was young my father and grandfather totally decked out our Ford Econoline Van, floor to ceiling red carpet, check out the pics below! That sort of emotional connection is important when building brand advocates and getting new employees excited about joining the team.

As we grow as a company, take on new logos, my interest expands, and I often am inspired. My absolute dream car is manufactured by one of our clients… though that’s just a secret for me 😊