By: Kellen Crow, Global Brand & Communications Manager | 10/15/2020 |

With social distancing guidelines in effect across the globe, companies are being forced to expand their capabilities to allow employees to work remotely for extended periods of time.

Until now, only 1-in-3 employees have worked remotely prior to this world-wide pandemic, as reported by the 2020 State of Humanity at Work study by, a software company that creates cloud-based tools to help manage employees. Adjusting to this new environment will require extra care to ensure communication is not broken down in the workforce and connections between teams remain engaged and active.

Working from home can make you feel isolated and disconnected — so sharpen your remote communication skills to ensure you are keeping the connection alive with your team. Here are a few tips:

Be proactive in communicating with your team

    • Since we don’t see everyone in person on a daily basis anymore, make the effort to reach out and connect with not only people on your team but folks you usually would talk to during the day.

Schedule daily team huddles or informal meetings

    • This is a quick and easy way to make sure everyone is on the same page with expectations of projects, deadlines and any roadblocks.

Set clear expectations from the start

    • The work from home environment is not just a new way to work, it’s becoming a lifestyle. Since people have different lifestyles, make sure you set clear expectations regarding when you and your team should be available for calls, meetings, etc.

Ask for communication preferences of your employees or colleges

    • Setting a standard across your team of the best way to communicate is a great way to make sure nothing is missed.  If your team loves to use TEAMS to communicate, make sure everyone on the team knows that is the best way to reach each other.

Use video tools to keep the connection

    • Set the expectation that video should be used on calls – this is a great way to keep the connection alive, see each other’s faces and ensure the tone of the conversation isn’t taken out of context. It’s also a great way to make sure your team is engaged and working together, too.

Working from home is a major shift in the way businesses will operate now and in the future; these few tips should help keep everyone on the same page, engaged and happy in their roles.