By: Cydni Thebert, Global Manager, Talent Acquisition | 04/06/2021 |

Talent Acquisition is in a unique space when we think about Impact. We achieve Impact both internally and externally. I’m going to spend a little bit of time discussing both:

External Impact

TA makes the biggest Impact externally by identifying, interviewing and hiring great employees! It is incredibly impactful to offer someone a pathway to career progression with an entry-level position or offering someone what they may consider to be their dream Senior level G&A position. It’s even MORE impactful to find that “diamond in the rough” and having the capability of coaching them on video interviewing, strengthening their resume and doing their research so that they are more than ready to “ace” the process.

How is Talent Acquisition able to make that kind of Impact? It’s pretty simple. Relationship building. If you have a good relationship with your Hiring Manager, know and understand their needs and what they are looking for in a new team member, you’re able to identify those “diamonds” and, because you have already developed trust, you’re more likely able to convince them to take a chance on someone they may have passed on in other circumstances.

One of my proudest moments was at a previous company where I was hiring for mailroom personnel. I had a strong relationship with the hiring manager and was confident that I’d find great people to fill out his team.  I interviewed a gentleman who took the role seriously as well as respected my suggestions. He came for his interview prepared, with a great resume (that we worked on together) and a suit. He was hired on the spot, has grown in his role and HE is now the Mailroom Supervisor.

External Impact, from a Talent Acquisition standpoint, comes from receiving great scores from surveys regarding the candidate experience. Moving someone from an applicant to a candidate to new hire should seem seamless to the new hire. Keeping in contact with the candidate through each stage of the process, the onboarding experience and day 1 all working together to deliver a great overall experience that generates higher survey scores.

Internal Impact                                                                                           

Talent Acquisition achieves Impact internally as well. To achieve Internal Impact, you have to start with understanding the role you’re recruiting for, understanding the dynamic of the team the new person will be fitting into and, most importantly, having a strong partnership with the Hiring Manager. The way to achieve that is through open communication which builds trust.  If you’re not finding the right candidate, you need to share that so that recalibration can take place. Maybe there needs to be a more in-depth conversation regarding the job description, technologies being used, etc. Don’t be afraid to set up a meeting to go over the job description or your intake call notes  It doesn’t mean that you don’t understand, it means that you want to make sure that you’re targeting the right people, industries, technologies, etc. To make an impact, you have to be a bit fearless.

Internally, from a TA standpoint, Impact is also measured by surveys. Every Hiring Manager has the opportunity to respond to a survey at the hiring stage on the hiring experience as well as after their new hire has been on the team for a bit. That survey happens to be my favorite as it asks the question of whether the Hiring Manager would make the same decision on hiring the person.

It’s a great feeling to receive five-star reviews from either a new hire or the hiring manager. As the Manager of Talent Acquisition, it gives me great pleasure to shine the spotlight on team members getting great survey scores either from the Candidate, Hiring Manager or BOTH! Percepta has a great Rewards and Recognition Program where we are able to achieve Impact across all lines of business as well!  #Impact #PerceptasGotTalent