By: Nealey Whisler, Global Director of Talent Management & Engagement | 3/24/2021 |

Pro tip: Look this up and take a listen, it’s well worth the 42 minutes. (click photo)

This week at Percepta, the leadership team is attending our annual Leadership Symposium. Our “homework” on Wednesday was to give this episode (Burnout is everyone’s problem, by Adam Grant) a listen. The following day we had a wonderful discussion around top takeaways and how to apply right away. We talked a lot about celebrating the small wins. Here are three ways to recognize and celebrate the small wins.

  1. Discuss and set regular and long-term Impact metrics. For example, members of the Organizational Development team manage and/or contribute to Percepta’s social media. We post a minimum of 3 times per week. I think every one of those posts deserves a Heck Yeah and I try to “like” them all. The long-term impact metrics might be more around engagement targets, shares, maybe even employee referrals. It’s important to recognize both.
  2. If you see it, say it – and try to do it quickly! Our Talent Acquisition team in Houston AKA #HouCrew is so great at this! I can only imagine their small group Teams chat – all day long, celebrating the small wins and BIG ones too. Sometimes small wins include successfully downloading the “I’m Not a Cat” App and surprising the whole Human Capital org in a 30+ team meeting. Thank you #SnapCamera.
  3. Planning helps, break big projects into smaller sections and celebrate. We love using Smartsheet to organize deliverables. It helps us clearly lay out our tasks, make them timebound, and collaborate, and it’s visually pleasing to use in Zoom. When we pull up the Smartsheet, we are about to get things done and CELEBRATE.

    All in all, it’s worth its weight in gold to celebrate the wins for your teams – the low effort thank you’s or celebrations have a high impact!