By: Tammy Godby, Global Manager, Organizational Development | 11/20/2020 |

Here at Percetpa we realize a couple of things about the link between hiring and engagement.

First, hiring the right people for the right position is key to a successful business.

Second, our teams are comprised of unique and talented individuals.

We also know the results of engaged employees:

Increased Customer Experience | Increased Productivity | Increased Job Retention | Increased Job Satisfaction

Putting this knowledge to work, we are building a foundation for Employee Engagement in the automotive industry.

Percepta engages employees differently…
Because Percepta hires auto enthusiasts…

Percepta realizes being auto enthusiast is not limited to a group of engineers that rebuild or collect antique vehicles, rather a population of people whose interests and passions are excited the industry as a whole.  Anyone who gleams pleasure from cars, their history, or their counterparts, at any stage of development – These are the people of Percepta.

Engaging our employees while knowing where their passions lie, what excites and motivates them, allows us to elevate our engagement program. What better representative for our customers than employees that have the same passions?

We start with building our culture, by living and demonstrating Percepta values, by leading with purpose, by building trust, and by listening to our employees.  We engage our employees in the areas that mean the most to them.