By: Jennie Fowler, Global Director, Project Management Office | 12/14/2021 |

During this holiday time of year… I look back on 2021 and have SO MUCH to be thankful for. I know each person may have different ways to show gratitude personally and/or professionally. Below are some of my humble tips that may be helpful.

  1. Touch base with your team often. At the end of the day…. the most important thing you have is the people around you.  Make time for them… both family and professional team. Sounds small… but is oh so important.
  2. Say “Thank You.”
  3. Provide opportunities for learning and professional development.
  4. Create fun traditions within your team. For us here in the GPMO at Percepta… we have a virtual watercooler every Friday!
  5. Be respectful of their time.
  6. Ask “how can I help you” – or – “what can I do for you”.
  7. Send a personal thank you in writing.
  8. We use Kudo boards (it’s free):
  9. Be flexible.
  10. Last – but not least – LISTEN!

Things change – every. single. day. Please have the attitude to embrace change regardless of your role.  Life can be hard personally and professionally for every person.  As a leader embracing this each day is a great way to show empathy.

Thank you for reading and I’m hopeful these tips are helpful to all!  I’m personally grateful to be able to participate in Percepta’s blog to give a tiny bit to our readers.  So, THANK YOU!