By: Jennie Fowler, Global Director, Project Management Office | 07/19/2021 |

Did you know that Percepta has Project Management in multiple departments with Project Managers around the globe? We do!  Did you know that Percepta has two official Project Management Offices “PMOs”?  We do! One Global Project Management Office – and – one technology PMO. In April of this year, our Global PMO started a quest to ‘brand’ project management for Percepta around the globe by forming a Community of Practice “CoP” for Project Managers.

Our definition of CoP is a group of people with influence to define what works for them:  ​

  • With a common interest & “thinking together”​
  • With a common goal of improving by collaborating & connecting​
  • Who share experiences, expertise & knowledge​
  • And most importantly: Learn from each other

As you can imagine, with multiple PMO’s and several dozen project managers, consistency is critical. In our first CoP collaborative session, the Project Managers created their ‘mission’ of Support each other on best practices for optimal project teams.  This community is unanimous with the quest to create a Project Management ‘brand’ that feels and looks the same to provide top quality service to our clients. Since April some of the topics that the community elected to cover are: a) Roles and Responsibilities “RACI” – for consistency among all projects b) Emotional Intelligence for PM’s – social awareness view to lead optimal teams c) Project Management Best Practices.  We have a ‘social’ area to continually share ideas, tips, tricks and even fun watercooler items throughout the month as well.

What’s Next?

We will continue our quest of being Brilliant at the Basics in our craft of Project Management.  This brand elevation will drive us toward Scalability to become a World Class PMO. The CoP will continue to grow and evolve based on the needs and energy brought by its participants. Our CoP is a perfect example of one of our four core company values in action: Teamwork!  There’s already some interest within Percepta to create additional CoP’s in other domains….. so the sky is the limit!