By: Kellen Crow, Global Brand and Communications Manager | 12/29/2021 |

Gratitude is not always something I think about when I’m asked what I do, or what my job is. But when I break it down and think about it, gratitude has a lot to do with my role here at Percepta. I find that it’s in my scope of business, as the Global Brand and Communications Manager, to help create and foster an environment where employees feel valued for who they are as people and not just for what they do every day.

Living in a state of thankfulness is what it means to have gratitude. Into what does that translate? How is that even possible?

Think of gratitude as an action; it’s a verb that works best when it’s personified by living our values, spoken aloud, giving employee recognition, and, lastly, when it connects you to someone else in the organization via networking.

At Percepta we’re working on a culture change. It’s precisely this shift in thinking that we are seeking to ingrain a different kind of attitude and feeling when you work with us. We want our employees to love their jobs! We know that customer service can be a challenge, but we strive to have the best people working at Percepta that we can. It’s those folks that you work alongside, every day, that can help foster that gratitude mindset we’re looking for.

We are in the business of helping our customers, both internal and external – it’s even part of one of our values, “Culture of Service.”  We strive to make each and every experience easier for anyone we have an interaction with. So, how do we take the art of customer service and turn it into gratitude? Again, it goes to that shift in our thinking and the culture of our organization. Being in this business can be considered a thankless job – but for those of us who are in it, we know it’s in our blood; it’s what we do, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Finally, we know there are a lot of benefits of gratitude; it lowers stress and reduces emotions that negatively affect us, resulting in poor thinking. Gratitude reduces anxiety and depression and creates serotonin in the brain, which helps us feel cheerful and empathetic. There is a happiness advantage to having gratitude in everything we do, which is a core reason for it being at the forefront of our culture change as we continue to grow as a company.

So, the next time you are having a tough day or are in a tough situation with your job, take a second to find some gratitude – it’s out there, you just might have to work a little to find it. But when you do, it will be worth it; you are sure to have a boost in serotonin.

There’s an old saying about how we are the only people who can determine if we’re going to have a good day or a bad day — that we are in complete control of how we react and interact with people and situations. So, let’s all make the effort to find gratitude in everything we do; it’s a rather simple step that results in an enormously positive effect!