By: Johnny Brandt, Client Relationship Manager | 11/20/2020 |

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) isn’t just a “nice-to-have.” Without diverse representation across our workforce, we lack the opportunities to consider different experiences and leverage the skillsets and talents needed to drive success and innovation. At Percepta, we know it’s crucial that we shape our D&I efforts and experiences in a meaningful way to separate and move away from outdated industry stereotypes. For us, it’s about breaking down the status quo and embracing our core values of treating all people with respect.

Challenging the status quo by bringing diverse groups of people together with unique perspectives is the best way to solve complex challenges. Omer Keilaf writes about a study by the Center for Talent Innovation which found that diverse companies are 45% more likely to grow their market share year over year, and are also 70% more likely to report they’ve captured a new market. The study credits those successes to what it calls two-dimensional diversity – diversity that stems from both inherent traits such as gender identity, ethnicity, and sexual orientation, as well as from acquired traits, or those earned through experience – for unlocking innovation by creating an environment in which new and sometimes unexpected ideas are not only voiced but actually heard.

With 86% of Millennials and Gen X’ers saying that a company’s concrete commitment to workplace diversity affects their decision to work there (PR Newswire November 2019), Percepta is committed to the work of breaking down unconscious biases and promoting consciously inclusive behaviors.

Reese Cherry, a vehicle architecture engineer with Ford, who was awarded six patents related to the all-new Ford Bronco.