By: Tammy Godby, Global Manager, Organizational Development | 10/13/2020 |

Employee Engagement isn’t a new concept. In fact, a lot of research has been done correlating an engaged employee with: 

  • Increased Job Satisfaction
  • Higher Retention
  • Better Quality Work
  • Better Customer Service
  • Lower Absentee Rates
  • Happier Employees

In March 2020, many things changed including how we engage our employees, co-workers, friends and family. 

Change = different
Different is not good or bad…it’s just different.

As we navigate the waters of working from home in a constant state of change, be mindful to focus on being open to change, and allowing it to be fun. Employee engagement shouldn’t stop because we are in a work from home environment, in fact, it should increase. We need a connection with our peers and friends more than ever.  

Embrace change and explore different ways to engage.

Here are some of the ways Percepta encourages employees to engage, participate, and demonstrate values while recognizing efforts in working virtually. Take advantage of connecting and have fun.

Perci Perks
a global rewards and recognition program that focuses on recognizing our employees for demonstrating
Percepta’s Values – not only metrics.

Customer Service Week
has historically been celebrated face to face at each location. This year we are launching a week of thanking our employees and clients all in a work from home setting. We’ve added ways to participate daily and with global co-workers, increasing our reach and providing new opportunities for employees to engage with others.

Perci welcomes new employees beginning a week before you join and checks in with you throughout their first 90 days.

Personal growth and professional development
Percepta offers a variety of learning opportunities. Our Percepta College offers interesting learning opportunities and even Leadership Training.

Speak Up!
Be a Voice, Not an Echo!

Percepta is committed to listening to our employees and acting on the feedback provided. Our quarterly survey helps us understand employee experiences and identify opportunities for change and improvement.