By: Jennie Fowler, Global Director, Project Management Office | 03/03/2021 |

Do the terms “Digital Age” and “Project Management” even go together?  The answer is – YUP

At Percepta we have a Global Project Management Office “PMO” that supports a portfolio of projects across multiple countries.  Both the Project Management Institute and Gartner agree…. one of the biggest current ‘disrupters’ to the future of project management is the ability to transform digitally. In turn, what is Percepta doing about this disrupter? In short, two answers: 1) Developing digital skill – 2) Developing digital will.

Before we dive into the specifics of the two answers… a key item that Gartner published back in 2017 relating to PPM’s (Project & Portfolio Management Offices) … is essentially (and I’m paraphrasing) – “If PMO’s don’t transform strategically and digitally, they are in trouble”. Yikes!  There is so much truth to this overall thought and I’m hopeful that all PMO leaders out there are taking proactive measures to help your organization have a digital competitive advantage.

The following are a few things that Percepta’s PMO is embracing for our “Digital Age”:

  1. Developing Digital Skill:
  • Project & Portfolio Management “PPM” Software
    We are in the midst of converting over to one of Gartner’s recommended top quadrant PPM tools, Smartsheet. This tool is helping to further automate project execution & reporting. Also, simplifying project tracking, communication & resource management at an enterprise level.
  • Rethinking Traditional Project Management Methodologies
    Yes, it’s important to obtain the certifications (ie: CAPM, PMP etc…). However, the OUTCOME of the project is the focus (not the process). We have a goal to simplify and keep a continuous improvement & nimble mindset with each project from a ‘project process’ standpoint. Keeps us on our toes!
  1. Developing Digital Will:
  • Leading Remote Teams

Creative strategies have been formulated to manage team members who may never meet in person. This scenario does offer challenges for PMs due to multiple time zones and cultures. Our Project Manager(s) are adept at understanding the nuances of remote collaboration tools—and still have the savviness to connect with teams with a “Rock Star” mentality.

  • Innovative Mindset

There has been a debate – from a ‘best practice standpoint’ as to whether the words “innovation” and “project management” should be used in the same sentence. Some researchers argue that project management and innovation management should be treated as separate disciplines. In 2021 at Percepta, we have goals to further train & mentor our Project Management teams on additional leadership techniques, lean principles and emotional intelligence behavior patterns as we DO think our PMO will be a strong influential innovative partner making an IMPACT to our organization and customers.

In closing, we are not only looking internally at what our company thinks and feels about the overall profession of Project Management (which is VERY important) … but, we are also keeping our eye on the industry and trusted Digital Project Management leaders.  This positions Percepta to grow our Project Management Office to meet the current and future digital needs in a strategic and collaborative fashion.  At the end of the day, for the digital age, we hope to automate as much of the PM process as we can….. eliminate the non-value add PM tasks, and evolve our lean mindset to overcome the ‘disrupter’. We can do it!