By: Kellen Crow, Global Brand and Communications Manager | 03/08/2021 |

There are a few words that come to mind when I think about a global digital communications strategy.

Alignment. Harmony. Effectiveness.

While I know digital is the future of communications, it’s also imperative right now.

There’s never been a time more dependent on digital communications than today. We know it’s the future, but it’s also here right now. At Percepta, we transferred to a “work from home” environment nearly a year ago (we’re days away from our one-year anniversary). Accordingly, we rely completely on digital means to communicate to our employees – from social media channels, emails, ecards, and even SMS (coming soon).

The definitions and requirements for a communications professional in 2020, and beyond, has morphed over the last 10 years or so. Today, we need to be versatile, flexible and nimble while ensuring accuracy in a fast-paced environment.  These dynamics require us to wear more hats than ever before; we need to be a chameleon.

Our roles are ever-evolving. It’s our job to support and oftentimes lead employee engagement activities. In order to remain relevant, we needed to create video content, design graphics for social posts, gather content for blogs or vlogs, and always have our fingers on the pulse of what’s happening.

So, what does this mean for digital communications strategies? It means nothing is off the table. We are looking at how we can get more of our employees (especially leadership) to engage in our communications and social media channels while continuing to grow and evolve with the changing digital landscape – all while ensuring we are keeping up on the basics of digital communications – email.

Developing a digital strategy
A well-crafted strategy ensures that you are investing in the highest priority activities and advancing your organization’s mission.

However, creating a solid communications strategy is easier said than done. To be successful, you must prioritize your audiences, say “no” to some tactics that might be trendy if they’re not the right fit for your organization and audiences, and, most importantly, get all your internal stakeholders on the same page.

There’s a lot that goes into a digital communications strategy, but when done correctly – it will be very effective.