By: Erin Caplin, Global Sr. Manager, Training Delivery | 01/08/2021 |

Starting a new job can be daunting. First perceptions are critical. At Percepta we understand that the person welcoming an agent to the company on day-one owns that critical first impression, and we strive to put our best foot forward. There are several ways we can influence the outcome of a new employee’s first day in training. At Percepta we lean on our value of Culture of Service as a guiding principle. The heart of the value is around making things easier for our employees, and that can be driven by the types of relationships we build early on.

Our trainers are the front line to creating a great experience for agents and helping them navigate through their journey. Our trainers understand that their role is more than just “training”, it’s about helping agents find the right people to answer their questions, to help them feel comfortable with the questions they are asking and not send them on a wild goose chase. It doesn’t matter if we’ve heard the same question 100 times, it’s the first that individual is asking the question and it’s the most important thing on their mind at that moment. It is our job to help them find the answer and set them at ease.

Our trainers typically spend several weeks with a new team but our job doesn’t end there. The relationships that our trainers build with their agents extend far beyond the classroom. Agents often seek out their trainers for help and guidance throughout their tenure. They build a connection and a trust with trainers that are second to none. Anyone that has ever been a trainer knows that’s what we thrive on and by creating that Culture of Service, our trainers end up feeling just as rewarded as the agents we serve.