By: Kellen Crow, Global Brand and Communications Manager | 01/15/2021 |

Culture of Service. What do those words mean to you? They may not hit you deep. Yet. Let’s take a ride to really dig into what we mean by this powerful value.

Culture of Service is a core value you likely won’t see widespread among corporations. It’s not your “everyday value” — or is it?

When we say “Culture of Service” we mean going the extra mile, making things easier for your customers or clients at every touchpoint. We mean understanding your teammates, clients and customers and delivering above their expectations. We mean accepting and embracing change.

Sounds pretty good so far, right?

In today’s world of working fast and furious, it’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday work and endless deadlines and deliverables. But it’s up to us to take a moment to realize how much it can pay off in the long run to have the ‘Culture of Service’ mindset. Many times, we rely on others to get a job or task done – and doing so means you are at the mercy of their bandwidth, time and willingness to help.

If everyone took a couple of extra minutes to apply this unique mindset to each task, the results would be incredible, remarkable and extraordinary!

Culture of service is a value that I have not only embraced within the four walls of my job, but I take with me in my everyday life. When we say “customers,” that’s a loose interpretation; anyone can be your customer. Customers can be your boss, the president of your company or even your family or friends. There’s always an opportunity to “make it easier.”

This value is essential and should be a value in every company – especially within the customer service space. When I start thinking about the comparison between customer service and communications, they are very tightly knit; in fact, the field of communications is very much a service industry. While it’s certainly not for everyone, those who excel in customer service and communications, are ingrained with this mindset.

Customer service, like Culture of Service, takes a little extra effort. A little passion. A little willingness to step it up, think a little harder and do just a little bit more. I know we can, as a company, achieve greatness. Together. Through Culture of Service.