Recently, Katherine Kress, VP of Strategy, was on the Tech in the Right Direction Podcast. Tune in to hear Katherine talk with Jennifer about building and leading teams, passion and confidence and being successful in technology.

Listen Here: Building and Leading Teams in Technology

Katherine Kress is VP of Strategy and an awesome women leader at Percepta. She has extensive experience in marketing, customer experience consulting, and the contact center / BPO space. She has 25 years of experience in marketing and customer experience consulting, having managed global marketing, product and services development, and more. Her ability to build and lead teams is second to none, and she has a great vision on the path to success for women working in any industry – especially in marketing, technology, or the BPO space.

In the episode, Jennifer and Katherine talk about Katherine’s career journey, how she went from a degree in Asian Studies in Political Science to the technology world. Katherine discusses steps on how to build and lead amazing teams, being passionate in her work, and how much technology has changed in the last several years.

Connect with Katherine Kress HERE on LinkedIn.