By Christa Peters, Senior Manager, Instructional Design & Knowledge Management | 07/26/2021 |

Each month, the Percepta Blog Team meets to discuss the blog topic for the coming month. The topic of “Brand Elevation” brought initial groans from the group, However, those groans quickly dissipated, and a lively debate and discussion were had about our brand and the ways in which our blogs could be written.

We talked about personal branding, traditional branding (logos/color schemes/marketing), and how we are working to re-brand our work to make Percepta exceptional.

My brain started going crazy with ideas. The Instructional Design Department has been working hard to make our content different and interesting – and I had never considered that branding. How silly of me!

I believe learners have better experiences if three components exist: differing mediums of learning, instructional designers skilled in cutting-edge technologies, and those instructional design professionals have time to build an interesting and complete curriculum.

We are working in all three of these areas.  We are introducing a blended model of education. Learners will have lectures, eLearning, self-study, practice, and assessments to check knowledge. Currently, much of our programming see-saws between heavy in lecture or heavy in activities and discussion. Having blended learning will ensure our training programs are shorter, our trainers will have more time to coach learners and prepare for upcoming sessions, and finally, learners will be ready to fulfill their job responsibilities quicker and better.

The world of education technology changes daily. To have high-quality eLearning we need to build new skills and improve the existing digital design skills of instructional designers at Percepta. Our team members are building skills in digital design software production, video production, podcasting, game creation and so many others. These will be exciting additions to our training programs.

Good, creative content is like art, it takes time. Ask Leonardo da Vinci, he spent 3 years painting the Mona Lisa. Measuring appropriate design time is key to improving quality output. To that end, our team has engaged in a large study to determine what is an appropriate time to design content.

Our Instructional Design team is hiring. If you are an internal employee, reach out! We are looking for digital design skills, but we can give you some coaching and guidance on how to build those skills to set you up for a role on our team in the future. If you are an external instructional designer looking for a new challenge, we would love to see your application.