Brand elevation is more than new logos, refreshed colors, enhancing the “recipe”, or more marketing efforts.  Percepta works constantly to elevate our brand but we do it a little differently.  We look at each department, each team and see where we can elevate our service.  What new and innovative ways can we build on to and support the Percepta brand.

Well…the OD (Organizational Development) team took our part seriously.  We did a team exercise a few months back – creating our team logo and mission statement. We talked about who we wanted to be as a team, how we “wanted to show up” and how we wanted others inside and outside the company to view and experience our efforts.

We created the ProPack team name and mission statement:

Our team strives to be proactive in our purpose and intent –

to create and deliver an exceptional employee experience at Percepta.

Some of the ways we are intentionally and purposely fulfilling this mission is through doing more. We challenged ourselves to create the best employee experience possible.  What does that mean and how do we make it a reality and show it’s genuine?  Here are a few things we’ve been working on.

Spoiler alert – Here’s a big clue – they won’t ever be complete because we will continually be looking for new ways to make them better…that’s how we elevate.
Our team knows how important it is to create and support the employee experience, so we started at the beginning.  From the time Percepta reaches out to your last day, we are working to show how valued you are.

We want everyone to have a White Glove experience. We’ve upped the New Employee Orientation (NEO) and onboarding experience through building relationships right from the start.  During the first three days of employment, we get to know the new employees, share our company values, introduce them to the business.  But…we do it in a fun and interactive way.  Through group and individual activities, videos, special guests, introductions, and most importantly listening.  We demonstrate our company core values, the why of the company and their roles and begin building relationships that will grow as we continue to work together.

The secret sauce is really being genuine and caring for others.  It’s really simple and extremely impactful…and personally…it’s enormously rewarding.

Here’s your challenge. Take a look at your department or team. What can you do individually and collectively to elevate your brand? I believe it begins with ownership.

Own your role. Own you value. Own your responsibility.

Now consider how you, individually and collectively, can make it even better?  What does that look like?  Now go do it!