By: Erin Caplin, Global Sr. Manager, Training Delivery | 11/20/2020 |

Everyone knows that training sets the stage for success when performing a job. But how does Percepta make people auto experts, and how do we do it in the time of COVID?

We have two key differentiators at Percepta. First, we have modules embedded in all of our core programs for “Anatomy of an Automobile”. Sure, it can be daunting to talk to a gear head about their transmission. Heck, sometimes it can be tough to navigate a conversation about a tow hitch and towing capacity if you’ve only lived in a big city with a small car. To support our new hires, we bring in tech experts, typically with prior automotive experience, to break it all down and help our agents understand the parts of a vehicle. When our agents feel confident that they know what they are talking about, our customers feel assured they are in the right hands.

Second, we know how important it is to help agents understand and relate to customers when dealing with dealerships. In the times of in-person onboarding, our agents have the opportunity to visit a dealership, spending some time at the front of the purchase journey, and more time with the service department. This helps agents build rapport with the dealership and potentially understand customer interaction through the dealership lens. This can be invaluable when talking to customers on the phone and when agents have to partner with dealerships to help solve a customer concern. But what does that look like now? In just a few short months we’ve taken a fully on-site experience to one with interviews with dealerships (sales and service) complete with webcam dealership tours and product demos, serving a fully virtual dealership experience online. Agents can navigate the dealership, and all departments, at their pace, and prepare for a dealership meet and greet once completed.

It’s initiatives like these that turn our teams of auto enthusiasts into automotive experts.