By: Skott Schoonover, Strategy Analyst | 09/02/2021 |

Whether in business or in nature, you need to be able to adapt to your circumstances as they change. And change is such a constant in our world that it even has a fun corporate word: Agile Environment. In an Agile environment, a business must be able to pivot directions quickly as customers and employees need change.

Last year we faced unprecedented… oh, you’ve heard that one before? OK, I’ll go in a different direction.

One of the oldest business maxims is to stick to your Core Competency. Know what you do well, do it better than anyone else can, and don’t get distracted by trying to do too much. It’s a formula that has proven successful throughout history. But companies who have achieved longevity have all learned that their core competencies are simple constructs that can be changed through time, not specific minute processes that can be disrupted by any change in consumer behavior.

Ford’s core competency wasn’t model T’s, it was the ability to assemble very advanced products quicker and cheaper than anyone else. This allowed them to pivot to produce a B-24 bomber every 63 minutes during WWII at their Willow Run factory and to transition their transmission plant to produce PPE medical masks on less than 2 weeks’ notice in 2020.

Likewise, Percepta has adapted its Core Competency of Customer Service from a Call Center to a Contact Center that allows our customers to reach out to us via email, chat, text, and even Social Media. Instead of using Average Handle Time as an Agent metric, we use Net Promoter Score. Employee communication is evolving as fast as anything. We now have the ability to engage our employees through Social Media posts and video conferencing. In short, as technology has advanced, Percepta has ensured that our business adapts as necessary to continue providing a first-class customer experience.

We stay Agile in order to meet our Customers’ ever-changing needs.

Now I just need to adapt to wearing more than sweatpants again…