By: Nealey Whisler, Global Director of Talent Management & Engagement | 11/29/2021 |

It’s our new reality, we’re no longer making the commute to the office, but rather working from home in yoga pants and sharing office space with our pets. Things feel A LOT more casual these days. My guess is that working from home shaves 30-90 minutes of AM prep time. I’m gonna share with you some tips and hacks to get ready SUPER quick and still be Zoom confident.

15 Minute Morning Routine

  • The night before – consider picking up/sprucing up your office space so it’s all ready for you in the morning
  • Multi-task – listen to a podcast or the news while you get ready
  • The work mullet – business up top and casual below – check out this video for more Work Mullet Tips

  • Get ready quickly
    • Take good care of your skin at night, so in the AM your skin looks fresh and ready for the day
    • Simple makeup (if you wear makeup) – it’s as easy as a tinted moisturizer, cream blush, mascara, and lip-gloss- that’s it – 100% Zoom camera ready
    • Hair (these tips are based on my hair type – check here to find yours)
      • If you can – no need to wash everyday – find a good texturizer or dry shampoo
      • Brush your hair well at night and consider wearing up to give hair more volume in the AM
      • Hot tools – a couple of quick touchups in the front usually does the trick – another version of the Work Mullet
    • Plan your outfits i.e. fancy tops for days or repeat solid color clothing often
    • Accessories – this is another way to instantly seem more dressed up – earrings, rings, necklaces, scarfs. Etc.