By: Kellen Crow, Global Brand and Communications Manager | 4/05/2022 |

Customer success is an interesting topic and one that I have grown increasingly more aware of since working at Percepta. Most likely, this is because of what we do every day. Here at Percepta, we are customer service. We have a large focus on treating our customers like family — and being in a global communications role, I have A LOT of customers!

I have since started paying attention to the way I handle interactions with agents when I am the customer in a particular situation, and I do my best to understand where that person is coming from on the other end of the phone.  I try to be cognizant of how they need to, or maybe are required to, handle certain situations.

I have also made it a habit to ensure I call out and recognize excellent customer service when I receive it.  I know how far words of praise go for folks, and I really enjoy hearing people appreciate it in return.  All too often we’re quick to make a derogatory comment when things don’t go our way or we’re irritated with a customer service experience, but we don’t extend that commentary when we’ve received excellent customer service.  If more people paid compliments on a regular basis, it would make those of us in customer service feel so much more appreciated!   

I have had, on a few occasions, situations where I was not getting “my way” in a customer service situation; however, I was receiving exceptional service and a great overall experience from the customer service agent. I could tell that agent was doing everything within her power to try to help me, and she sympathized with me – which I greatly appreciated. Even though the end result wasn’t what I was hoping for, I felt as though the agent did as much as she possibly could for me – so much so that when I was hanging up the phone I even said, “Thank you for trying to help.” I’m pretty sure I surprised her with my courteous comment, but as a fellow customer service agent, shouldn’t we be acknowledging our counterparts when they are working hard and providing excellent service, regardless of the outcome?  I know I would certainly appreciate the accolade in this situation – wouldn’t you?

I think about those interactions often and feel like it’s something we should all strive for. How can we get our customers to want to say, “Thank you,” even if they aren’t getting exactly what they picked up the phone for? I think it’s all in our attitude, approach, and willingness to be understanding. There are many ways for us, as fellow customers, to understand there are needs and emotions running deep sometimes, and if we can take a step back and realize it’s another person on the other end of the line, we might just be able to give that person the best experience they’ve ever had – customer and customer service agent alike. If we go the extra mile to make it easier, or better for that person we are doing our job, and when I sit back and think about it no matter who the person is, or what company they work for when you have this mindset you are channeling one of our core values at Percepta (and my favorite one at that) Culture of Service.

So, the next time you’re in a customer service situation – either as the customer or the agent – put your best foot forward. Try to empathize with the other party, maintain your composure and simply be nice! Even if you don’t get the result you wanted, you’ve avoided a combative situation and maybe even learned a new skill for your customer service tool belt. And by adding a simple, “Thank you,” to end the encounter, you’ve most likely made someone else’s day.